Selling a property can be stressful — BMW Law Group is here to help

BMW Law Group works closely with our Sellers and their Agents to make sure that the process of selling your property goes through without any problems. BMW Law Group takes pride in its communication with all parties to keep them informed throughout the process.

The Closing Process

Home Purchase—Before the Closing

  1. Once you have accepted an offer, your agent or the Buyer’s agent will provide us a copy of the complete agreement including all exhibits. Please check the contract to make sure your email address and phone number are included below your signature.
  2. The Buyer’s lender also receives the contract and they will send us a title request.
  3. We will need some specific information from you to complete the transaction.
    • Please fill out all Seller Information forms sent to you by BMW Law Group completely and accurately and return them within 48 hours.
    • Seller information forms request contact information, forwarding address, all mortgage account information, HOA information, and current water and sanitation bills.
    • Will you be available to attend the closing on the closing date stated on the contract?
    • Will you be available 7 days after the closing date on the contract in case of an unexpected delay in the original closing date?
    • Everyone who is a vested owner (their name is on the Deed) must be present at the closing.
    • If you or any other owner cannot be present at the closing, other arrangements can be made, including using a POA, Seller mail away, or split closings. If you or any other seller cannot physically attend the closing date, please contact our office at least 2 weeks before the closing date and we can discuss the difference options and choose an option that works best for the situation.
  4. We perform a title examination and any issues on title will be addressed and cleared before closing. We will contact you if any liens are discovered to verify the validity of the lien.
  5. If you agreed in the contract to provide a Termite Bond or a receipt for repairs then you will need to email this to our office 2 days prior to the closing AND bring the documentation to the closing.
  6. At least two business days prior to closing we will provide you with the preliminary Seller’s Closing Disclosure for your review. Please review this document closely with your agent to make sure the figures are accurate and your name(s) are spelled correctly. Please contact our office with any questions.

Helpful Seller Facts and Information

  1. Are you available to attend the closing on the closing date stated on the contract?
  2. Will all vested owners be present?
  3. Is there a need for a power of attorney?
  4. If no one is available to attend the closing on the closing date do the documents need to be mailed to you and returned to our office?
  5. Provide us with information on any change in circumstance since the original purchase of the home.
    • Has there been a marriage, divorce, or death of a vested owner?
    • If so, then BMW Law Group will request additional documentation required to complete the closing.

The Day of Closing

  • Bring the following to closing:
    • You will have to review and sign anywhere from 10 – 20 pages.
    • It can take anywhere from 45 minutes up to 2 hours for the entire closing.
    • Once complete, we will payoff the current loan(s) on your home, pay the real estate agents their commission, and other fees/costs on the Closing Disclosure disburse you the remaining funds from the transaction. You will select the method of how you wish to receive these proceeds on the Seller’s Information form that you submitted “Before the Closing.”
  • Expectations at closing
    • Valid government issued ID: Driver’s License, Passport, ID Card, etc.
    • All keys and garage door openers
    • Any pool/amenities keys, if applicable
    • Sellers funds (If you need to bring funds to the closing)
      • Any funds greater than $500 must be in the form of certified funds
      • Funds $5000 or more must be sent to our escrow account via wire. Before you wire funds for closing, call our office to verbally verify the wiring instructions so they are securely sent to the right place.